Friends of the Lens – Part One

I’m beginning to get that sense of feeling… the feeling of acceptance… – that street photographers in Lagos are having a much easier ride exchanging flags of friendship with residents. Maybe it’s my own experience with having to deal with the “why you dey snap us photo?”, “you wan use our picture make money? – you go pay ooo!” situation. In most cases, we would end up having heated up  arguments on rights to photograph and be photographed. Anyways, the bottom line is, I get to take the pictures in the end and walk away with chuckles. But on this one, I enjoyed my chat ups on love for photography.

My lenses today is drawn to the  ‘struggle for survival’ lifestyle amongst a few Lagos residents. I must point out that a good number of people in this city have great businesses going on for them and are extremely wealthy. And I know that every single man’s work in Lagos contributes immensely to Nigeria’s economy.



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