Masque of Colours

As a growing photographer in Lagos, I’m fascinated about the culture, people and breathtaking scenery of a city that is rapidly increasing in population. It is certain that settler in Lagos have contributed immensely to giving the big commercial city a vibrant look, and the kind of energy that gives the feeling of endless possibilities. I would like you to take time-outs very often to peep in here, as I show you awesome images of a city of excellence

When ever I’m at Broadstreet, a street well know to the people as one very busy market place in Lagos, I always expect anything interesting at any time of the day. Festivities are a part of the lives of the people of Lagos. These vibrantly dressed masqueraders are out for a festival. Surprisingly, I did not hear or read about any festival going on. Maybe my ears weren’t open enough to the ground. However, getting caught up in the mood, I had to do an exposure. I have named this picture, “Masque of Colours”.

I remember mentioning that when you are at Broadstreet, you are definitely in for more memorable moments especially when your inclination tells you to sniff a decisive moment in the air. I think I’m drawn to the innocence on this young girl’s face. But wait a minute! She is a young street trader! I suggest the street sign post go for an amendment. …lol.

Now, enjoy some other snapshots around Broadstreet and Marina in Lagos.

Please share your comments and thoughts. Thank you.


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